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Bilateralni sastanci

  • (11:30 - 14:45) 2021-08-20
OpisAssistance in entering Russian market or expanding there (Russia is part of the Eurasian Economic Union - Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan). To start with we are offering: (i) investigating procedures for a product to cross Russian customs border; (ii) three-to-six month targeted marketing among Russian firms based on your terms of delivery (usually 3 months are enough to find counterparts if product/service is attractive and competitive). Our over 25-year extended experience in business matchmaking and FDI promotion at international level resulted into the "Russia-Europe: Cooperation without Frontiers" programme which does not have analogues. Among other services are: - The Global Business Partnership Search Portal to remotely establish new contacts, set-up representation / agents networking worldwide and expand without traveling and putting life at risk with an annual fee of EUR100. Companies are welcome to present their business profiles and seek potential partners among other companies present at the Portal; - consultancy on Russian market, FDI, certification, customs, mergers & acquisitions, etc.; - search for Russian distributor/client/supplier and companies to invest into or acquire; - 12 month marketing among Russian firms; - assessing compliance and reliability of a Russian company; - agent agreement (commission fee) encompassing full pledged "One-Window-Shop" support (identifying procedures, arranging laboratory tests, receiving Russian State Registration Certificate for a product, intellectual property rights, customs clearance, logistics, legal, etc.) and accompanying companies through the procedures while mobilizing potential clients at the same time; - organizing business events, missions, webinars, B2Bs, cluster2clusters.
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ZemljaRussian Federation
Grad Moscow , Kutuzovsky prospect
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